This portfolio is a collection of work online greeting cards I did in Flash for a company called from 200-2001.

I had such a great time making these. It was during the “gold rush” days and much of my Flash education came from producing these. Each time I developed a new project, I would focus on one aspect of Flash animation or interaction to grow my skills. With a low overhead at the time, I was able to live off of just two of these a month (sometimes even just one!)

One of the proudest moments I had during this time was the response I received from the “Treasure” project. Sugarqube was so interested in the interactive aspect of the card, that they asked for more like, and even created an “Interactive” section because of it.

I was a “top dog” on this site for a while but, over time, new creators were bringing a higher level of craftsmanship to the greeting cards than I could keep up with at the going rate for each card. I was also experimenting with app development by that point and acquired a client that was looking for prototyping, which helped me continue my education as ActionScript began to evolve rapidly.

WARNING: I had bad audio equipment back when I did these so a lot of the movies are really loud, so turn your volume down!